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We are finalizing the workshops and panel discussions we will be offering, but we are currently planning the following:


  • Graduate school applications: Learn how to find an apply to graduate programs in physics.
  • Writing grants: Learn about the different parts of a grant proposal and the grant review process, with a focus on the NSF Graduate Fellowship Application.
  • Undergraduate research: Learn how to find research opportunities to enhance your physics education and work experience.
  • Resume Preparation/CV preparation: Learn the difference between a CV and a resume and best practices for preparing each.
  • Jargon is Jibberish: Get tips for communicating science to both non-scientific and scientific audiences.
  • Creating posters/presentations: Best practices for creating posters and presentations.
  • Writing skills: From papers to grant proposals to reports, the ability to write clearly is an important part of any science career.
  • Implicit bias: Learn about implicit bias and how it can affect your career.
  • Imposter syndrome: Learn about imposter syndrome and how you can deal with it.
  • Networking and Negotiation Skills: Networking and negotiation are crucial skills for advancing in any career.

Panel Discussions

  • Work-life balance
  • Graduate life
  • Study abroad
  • Transferring from 2-year to 4-year college
  • LGBTQAI Inclusiveness in physics
  • Minorities in physics
  • Physics careers in academia
  • Physics careers in industry
  • Physics careers in K-12 education
  • International students