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You apply to CUWiP centrally, completing the form here by 5:00pm EST on Monday, October 10, 2022. Application to CUWiP is free. You will receive an email from APS in late October. If you are accepted to a CUWiP site, the email will contain instructions on how to register for that site by the deadline given in the email. You must register by the deadline contained in the email or your acceptance will be void and the CUWiP spot you were offered will be offered to a wait-listed student.

Registration requires a $45 fee, which helps offset the cost of the conferences. If your department is not covering the cost, and the $45 would cause financial hardship, you may request a fee waiver by following the procedure explained in your acceptance email. Please note, fee waiver requests must be made seven days in advance of the registration deadline.